The latest technologies at your service

We bring the latest innovations and technologies to real projects that add value to your company.
We analyze your project and propose effective and efficient solutions to enhance it.


We have experience managing projects alongside our clients externally or integrated and on our own initiative.


Our experience at your service, accompanying you at all times to achieve faster progress.


Project management, analysis and solution planning, integral development with agile methodologies.
Network of çspecialized professionals.


Internal training and team development.
Development and delivery of specialized courses.

Main areas of work

Multidisciplinary projects.
Specialists in Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud infrastructure
  • Online and hybrid architectures

  • High availability and scalable infrastructure

  • Distributed deployments

  • Continuous integration and deployment processes

Data engineering and data science
Big data
  • Architectures for data acquisition, processing, storage and utilization

  • Data analysis

  • Machine Learning and AI

  • Data culture and implementation in the company

Internet of Things
  • Control and data acquisition devices

  • Cloud architecture deployment

  • Data analysis, Machine Learning and AI

  • Support for remote distributed deployments


We would never have gotten here without the community, so we actively collaborate by organizing talks and workshops to share knowledge and experience and help create professional relationships.
We highlight our organization or co-organization of:

GDG Almería
GDG Almería
Google Developer Group

Group of users and those interested in Google services and technologies: SW development, web, Android, apps, cloud computing, big data, AI, IoT, etc.

GDG Almeria
GDG Almería
DataBeers Almería
DataBeers ALM
DataBeers Almería

Are you interested in the world of data? Do you want to learn how professionals from multiple profiles apply it in their work? Come and discover the data culture with a beer and an informal and close atmosphere.

DataBeers Almeria
DataBeers Almería
GCDC Español
Google Cloud Developer Community Español
Hispano-American GCP Users

Community of information about Google Cloud Platform in Spanish, composed of users, professionals and organizers of Spanish-speaking GDGs.

GDG Cloud Español
GDG Cloud Español
Ieas for Almería
Ideas for Almería
Member of Ideas for the City

Annual event where young people residing abroad return home bringing ideas, experiences and discoveries that we can implement to help local development in any field.

Ideas for Almería
Innovation and creativity

Our specialty is to propose new applications of technology and solve problems creatively.

Integral application development

We undertake all types of projects in an integral way thanks to our multidisciplinarity and specialized collaborators.


Our experience managing projects on our own initiative helps us to identify better with our clients and understand their needs.

Team training

We transfer the experience by organizing talks and workshops for communities and specialized courses to train your team effectively.

Latest clients

Some of the projects we have developed:

Web development

Development and maintenance. Performance monitoring.

Cloud deployment and optimization

Development and configuration of infrastructure in GCP. Monitoring, logging and alerts. Serverless deployment

Initial migration

Modernization of the original solution. Design adaptation. Database migration.

Google Cloud Platform Consulting

Planning and selection of services. Financial and resource planning. Proof of concept and load tests.

Infrastructure management

Development and configuration of infrastructure in GCP. Monitoring, logging and alerts. Migration to Kubernetes-based architecture.

Process development

Development and production environments. Testing and QA. Automated continuous integration and deployment.

Clever PPC
Cloud architecture

Architecture planning, analysis and selection of services and their integration.

Database migration

Support in the design of database structure, data upload and recovery processes.

Data analysis and AI

Support for the design of data recovery and utilization processes and machine learning.

Cloud computing courses

"Google App Engine"

Big data courses

"Introduction to Machine Learning".

IoT courses

"Introduction to the development of IoT systems based on Raspberry Pi", "Build a complete PC for €50" (summer campus for teenagers).


You can contact us via:

(+34) 685 84 92 64

Almería, Spain